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Aaron Enright Aaron Enright
Senior Data Scientist, Wolfram|Alpha Socioeconomic Content
   Abigail Nussey Abigail Nussey
Special Projects Technical Project Manager, Special Projects
Abrita Chakravarty Abrita Chakravarty
Training and Development Specialist, Wolfram U
   Adam Berry Adam Berry
Wolfram Development Suite Product Manager, Kernel Technology
Andy Dorsett Andy Dorsett
Senior Academic Account Manager, Academic Sales
   Adriana Rose Adriana Rose
Business Development, Partnerships
Alan Joyce Alan Joyce
Director, Content Development
   Alec Shedelbower Alec Shedelbower
Kernel Developer, Algorithms R&D
Alec Titterton Alec Titterton
CBM Content Development Manager, European Sales
   Allison Taylor Allison Taylor
Public Relations & Marketing Writer, Public Relations
Alyson Gamble Alyson Gamble
Wolfram Blog Team
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Technical Content Specialist, Technical Communication and Strategy Group
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Blog and Information Systems Coordinator, Document and Media Systems
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Director of Document and Media Systems
Andrew Steinacher Andrew Steinacher
Lead Developer, Wolfram|Alpha Scientific Content
   Ankit Naik Ankit Naik
Sales Engineer, Wolfram MathCore
Anneli Mossberg Anneli Mossberg
   Anthony Zupnik Anthony Zupnik
Kernel Developer, Compiler Development
Arben Kalziqi Arben Kalziqi
Education Evangelist, Education Partnerships
   Arnoud Buzing Arnoud Buzing
Director of Quality and Release Management
Angela Sims Angela Sims
Government Account Executive, Government Sales
   Assaad Mrad Assaad Mrad
Guest Author
Avery Davis Avery Davis
Public Relations Project Manager, Public Relations
   Kathy Bautista Kathy Bautista
Senior Sales Initiatives Manager, Academic Sales
George Beck George Beck
Document & Media Systems
   Bernat Espigulé-Pons Bernat Espigulé-Pons
Technical Communications & Strategy Group
Brett Haines Brett Haines
Release Engineer, Release Engineering
   The Wolfram Function Repository Team The Wolfram Function Repository Team
Wolfram Blog Team Wolfram Blog Team
   Bob Sandheinrich Bob Sandheinrich
Development Manager, Document & Media Systems
Bradley Harden Bradley Harden
Commercial & Government Sales Manager, Commercial Sales
   Brad Janes Brad Janes
Wolfram|Alpha Math Content Manager
Brenton Bostick Brenton Bostick
Senior Kernel Developer, Compiler Development
   Brett Champion Brett Champion
Visualization Manager, Algorithms R&D
Brian Van Vertloo Brian Van Vertloo
Document Technology Manager, Document & Media Systems
   Brian Wood Brian Wood
Technical Communications & Outreach Manager
Carlo Barbieri Carlo Barbieri
Applied Research Group
   Carlo Giacometti Carlo Giacometti
Kernel Developer, Algorithms R&D
Christopher Carlson Christopher Carlson
Senior User Interface Developer, User Interfaces
   Carol Cronin Carol Cronin
Sponsorship Coordinator, Partnerships
Cat Frazier Cat Frazier
Wolfram Blog Project Manager, Document & Media Systems
   Chris Boucher Chris Boucher
Special Projects Group
Chapin Langenheim Chapin Langenheim
Editor & Web Project Coordinator, Project Management
   Christian Pasquel Christian Pasquel
Manager, Wolfram Research South America Connectivity
Christine Dietrich Christine Dietrich
Senior Partnerships Manager, Partnerships
   Christopher Wolfram Christopher Wolfram
Research & Development
Christopher Jordan Christopher Jordan
Account Executive, European Sales
   Cliff Hastings Cliff Hastings
Director, Sales & Strategic Initiatives
Connor Flood Connor Flood
Wolfram|Alpha Math Content
   Conrad Wolfram Conrad Wolfram
Strategic Director, European CEO/Cofounder, Wolfram Research
Cory Hatfield Cory Hatfield
Public Relations Associate, Public & Community Relations
   Craig Bauling Craig Bauling
Senior International Business Development Executive, International Business Development
Crystal Fantry Crystal Fantry
Education Content Manager
   Dana Flinn Dana Flinn
Project Administrator, Public Relations
Daniel Bigham Daniel Bigham
Business Systems R&D
   Dan Fortunato Dan Fortunato
Danielle Rommel Danielle Rommel
Director of Outreach and Communications
   Daniel Robinson Daniel Robinson
CBM Content Author, European Sales
Daniel Lichtblau Daniel Lichtblau
Symbolic Algorithms Developer, Algorithms R&D
   Dariia Porechna Dariia Porechna
Cryptography and Blockchain, Wolfram Language Development
Darren Glosemeyer Darren Glosemeyer
Lead Statistics Developer, Kernel Technology
   David Howell David Howell
Corporate Analysis
Deepa Nair Deepa Nair
Technical Marketing Writer, Technical Communications & Strategy Group
   Andrew de Laix Andrew de Laix
Director, Distributed Systems Engineering
Jeff Hamrick Jeff Hamrick
Special Projects Group
   Dillon Tracy Dillon Tracy
Senior Kernel Developer, Core Mathematica Engineering
Devendra Kapadia Devendra Kapadia
Manager of Calculus & Algebra, Algorithms R&D
   Dan McDonald Dan McDonald
Lead Developer, Synthetic Geometry Project
Dorian Birraux Dorian Birraux
Engine Connectivity Engineering
   Doug McClintic Doug McClintic
Commercial Account Executive
Ed Pegg Jr Ed Pegg Jr
Editor, Wolfram Demonstrations Project
   Eila Stiegler Eila Stiegler
Quality Analysis Manager, Wolfram|Alpha Quality Analysis
Elizabeth Shack Elizabeth Shack
Technical Marketing Project Manager, Project Management
   Erez Kaminski Erez Kaminski
Wolfram Technology Specialist, Wolfram Technology Group
Eric Schulz Eric Schulz
User Interface Group
   Emily Suess Emily Suess
Technical Writer, Technical Communications and Strategy Group
Etienne Bernard Etienne Bernard
Lead Architect, Machine Learning
   Eric Weisstein Eric Weisstein
Senior Researcher, Wolfram|Alpha Scientific Content
Faisal Whelpley Faisal Whelpley
User Interface Developer, User Interface Group
   Fred Meinberg Fred Meinberg
Special Projects Group
Gabriele Dian Gabriele Dian
Visiting Scholar, Algorithms R&D
   Greg Hurst Greg Hurst
Wolfram|Alpha Math Content
Giorgia Fortuna Giorgia Fortuna
Advanced Research Group
   Giulio Alessandrini Giulio Alessandrini
Algorithms R&D
Gopal Sarma Gopal Sarma
Senior NLP Research Programmer, Advanced Research Group
   Håkan Wettergren Håkan Wettergren
Applications Engineer, SystemModeler (MathCore)
Hamza Alsamraee Hamza Alsamraee
Document & Media Systems
   Hector Zenil Hector Zenil
Editor of the Complex Systems journal
Hy Nguyen Hy Nguyen
Public Relations
   Ishwarya Vardhani Ishwarya Vardhani
Education Partnerships Manager, Partnerships
Itai Seggev Itai Seggev
Senior Kernel Developer, Algorithms R&D
   Jacob Wells Jacob Wells
Technical Specialist, European Sales
Jamie Peterson Jamie Peterson
Senior Training & Online Learning Manager, Wolfram U
   Jan Brugård Jan Brugård
CEO, Wolfram MathCore
Jason Cawley Jason Cawley
Chief of Operations, Wolfram Solutions
   Jason Grigsby Jason Grigsby
Wolfram Technology Engineer, Wolfram Technology Group
The WolframAlpha Chemistry Team The WolframAlpha Chemistry Team
   Jean Buck Jean Buck
Director of Content Development, Wolfram|Alpha
Jeffrey Bryant Jeffrey Bryant
Research Programmer, Wolfram|Alpha Scientific Content
   Jenna Giuffrida Jenna Giuffrida
Content Administrator, Technical Communications and Strategy Group
Jeremy Sykes Jeremy Sykes
Publishing Supervisor, Document & Media Systems
   Jérôme Louradour Jérôme Louradour
Machine Learning
Jesika Brooks Jesika Brooks
Blog Editor - EduTech, Public Relations
   Jesse Dohmann Jesse Dohmann
Technical Documentation Writer, Document & Media Systems
Jesse Friedman Jesse Friedman
Software Engineer, Engine Connectivity Engineering
   Jessica Wong Jessica Wong
Editorial Content Manager, Document and Media Systems
Joel Klein Joel Klein
Distributed Systems Engineering Manager
   John Fultz John Fultz
Director of User Interface Technology
Jason Martinez Jason Martinez
Research Programmer, Wolfram|Alpha Scientific Content
   John McGee John McGee
Applications Developer, Wolfram Technology Group
Jeremy Michelson Jeremy Michelson
Manager of Data and Semantics Engineering
   John Moore John Moore
Marketing and Technical Content Team Lead, Technical Communications & Strategy Group
Joanna Crown Joanna Crown
Strategic Projects, Strategic Initiatives
   Joe Bolte Joe Bolte
Chief Technologist, Wolfram Solutions
Jofre Espigule-Pons Jofre Espigule-Pons
Machine Learning
   Johan Rhodin Johan Rhodin
Kernel Developer, Mathematica Algorithm R&D
Jon McLoone Jon McLoone
Director, Technical Communication & Strategy
   José Martín-García José Martín-García
Research Staff Member, Algorithms R&D
Joshua Martell Joshua Martell
Senior Software Engineer, Core Mathematica Engineering
   Joy Costa Joy Costa
Director of Global Partnership Programs, Partnerships
Jessica Paris Jessica Paris
Demonstrations Project Administration, Research & Development
   Jan Poeschko Jan Poeschko
Cloud Development
Jeff Todd Jeff Todd
Commercial Enterprise Executive, Commercial Sales
   Jackie Tran Jackie Tran
Courseware Author
Jonathan Wallace Jonathan Wallace
Marketing Communications Manager
   Kathryn Cramer Kathryn Cramer
Technical Communications and Strategy Group
Keiko Hirayama Keiko Hirayama
Wolfram|Alpha Developer, Wolfram|Alpha Scientific Content
   Kelvin Mischo Kelvin Mischo
Senior Academic Key Account Manager, Academic Sales
Keren Garcia Keren Garcia
Algorithms R&D
   Kevin Daily Kevin Daily
Junior UI Developer, User Interfaces
Koji Maruyama Koji Maruyama
Sales Engineer
   Kovas Boguta Kovas Boguta
Special Projects Group
Kristen Aramthanapon Kristen Aramthanapon
Scientific Information Group
   Kristin McCoy Kristin McCoy
Wolfram|Alpha Scientific Content
Kyle Keane Kyle Keane
Education Specialist, Outreach & Communications
   Leonardo Laguna Ruiz Leonardo Laguna Ruiz
Software Engineer, SystemModeler
Lizzie Griffiths Lizzie Griffiths
Technical Marketing Project Manager, European Sales
   Lizzie Turner Lizzie Turner
Team Manager, Advanced Research Group
Lois Jamieson Lois Jamieson
Marketing Projects Coordinator
   Lou D'Andria Lou D'Andria
Senior User Interface Developer, User Interfaces
Roman Maeder Roman Maeder
Director of Parallel Computing Technology
   Malte Lenz Malte Lenz
Test Engineer, SystemModeler
Marcus Wynne Marcus Wynne
Public Relations Manager
   Mariusz Jankowski Mariusz Jankowski
Algorithms R&D
Mark Sofroniou Mark Sofroniou
Kernel Development
   Markus van Almsick Markus van Almsick
Algorithms R&D
Markus Dahl Markus Dahl
Applications Engineer, SystemModeler
   Marty McKee Marty McKee
Copywriter, Marketing Communications
Maryka Baraka Maryka Baraka
Publishing Programs Manager, Document & Media Systems
   Matthew Day Matthew Day
Data Repository Manager, Partnerships
Matthias Odisio Matthias Odisio
Software Developer, Algorithms R&D
   Melanie Moore Melanie Moore
Event Coordinator, Events & Travel
Michael Gammon Michael Gammon
Blog Administrator, Document and Media Systems
   Micah Lindley Micah Lindley
Junior Research Programmer, Wolfram|Alpha Scientific Content
Michael Belcher Michael Belcher
Marketing Project Coordinator, European Sales
   Mikael Forsgren Mikael Forsgren
Senior Applications Engineer, SystemModeler
Michael Kelly Michael Kelly
Senior Wolfram Technology Consultant, Wolfram Technology Group
   Michael Morrison Michael Morrison
Enterprise Data & Analytics Director
Mads Bahrami Mads Bahrami
Community & Content Developer, Community Advancement
   Michael Pilat Michael Pilat
Senior Software Engineer, Algorithms R&D
Michael Trott Michael Trott
Chief Scientist, Wolfram|Alpha Scientific Content
   Nick Gaskill Nick Gaskill
Technical Documentation Specialist, Technical Communications & Strategy Group
Nick Lariviere Nick Lariviere
Kernel Developer, Algorithms R&D
   Nick Zitzmann Nick Zitzmann
User Interface Developer, Mobile Development
Nilay Gandhi Nilay Gandhi
Corporate Communications
   Noriko Yasui Noriko Yasui
Senior Developer, Data and Semantics Engineering
Oleg Marichev Oleg Marichev
Integration & Special Function Developer, Wolfram|Alpha Scientific Content
   Onkar Singh Onkar Singh
Project Director, Consulting
Peter Overmann Peter Overmann
Director of Software Technology
   Paige Bremner Paige Bremner
Publishing Assistant, Document & Media Systems
Parik Kapadia Parik Kapadia
Algorithms R&D
   Paritosh Mokhasi Paritosh Mokhasi
Kernel Developer, Algorithms R&D
Peter Aronsson Peter Aronsson
Wolfram MathCore
   Patrik Ekenberg Patrik Ekenberg
Applications Engineer, Wolfram MathCore
Paul-Jean Letourneau Paul-Jean Letourneau
Lead Computational Biology Developer, Algorithms R&D
   Oleksandr Pavlyk Oleksandr Pavlyk
Senior Kernel Developer, Algorithms R&D
Peter Barendse Peter Barendse
Senior Math Content Developer, Wolfram|Alpha Math Content
   Philip Maymin Philip Maymin
Guest Author
Piotr Wendykier Piotr Wendykier
Algorithms R&D
   Patrick Rice Patrick Rice
Manager of Release Engineering, Research & Development
Robert Cook Robert Cook
European Sales
   Richard Asher Richard Asher
Public Relations
Rita Crook Rita Crook
Marketing Projects Manager, European Sales
   Rob Knapp Rob Knapp
Manager of Numerical Computation, Algorithms R&D
Robert Nachbar Robert Nachbar
Project Director, Consulting
   Rob Morris Rob Morris
Education Product Analyst, Business Analysis
Roger Germundsson Roger Germundsson
Director of Research & Development
   Rory Foulger Rory Foulger
Instructional Designer & Technologist, Outreach & Communications
Todd Rowland Todd Rowland
Academic Director, Wolfram Science and Innovation Initiatives
   Robert Palmer Robert Palmer
Applications Engineer
Oliver Rübenkönig Oliver Rübenkönig
Algorithms R&D
   Samuel Chen Samuel Chen
Product Manager, Technical Communication & Strategy
Sandra Sarac Sandra Sarac
Marketing Coordinator, European Sales
   S M Blinder S M Blinder
Senior Scientist, Document & Media Systems
Robert Raguet-Schofield Robert Raguet-Schofield
User Interface Architect, Mobile Development
   Sebastian Bodenstein Sebastian Bodenstein
Machine Learning
Shadi Ashnai Shadi Ashnai
Manager of Sound & Vision, Algorithms R&D
   Stephanie Harpst Stephanie Harpst
Government Account Executive, Government Sales
Shenghui Yang Shenghui Yang
Developer, Wolfram|Alpha Localization Systems
   Tom Sherlock Tom Sherlock
User Interface Developer, User Interfaces
Silvia Hao Silvia Hao
Document & Media Systems
   Sjoerd Smit Sjoerd Smit
Technical Consultant, Wolfram Europe
Sol Lederman Sol Lederman
Technical Communications Specialist, Technical Communication & Strategy Group
   Schoeller Porter Schoeller Porter
Technical Development Specialist, Partnerships
Scott Rauguth Scott Rauguth
Product, Partnership and Publishing Programs Manager, Partnerships
   Stephanie Funkhouser Stephanie Funkhouser
Events Manager, Marketing Communications
Stephanie Oh Stephanie Oh
Education Software Technology Manager
   Steven Christensen Steven Christensen
Document & Media Systems
Suba Thomas Suba Thomas
Software Engineer, Algorithms R&D
   The Summer 2013 Wolfram Interns The Summer 2013 Wolfram Interns
Stephen Wolfram Stephen Wolfram
   Swede White Swede White
Public Relations Manager
Sylvia Haas Sylvia Haas
Social Media Specialist, Public Relations
   Tasha Dunaway Tasha Dunaway
Sales Initiatives Supervisor, Commercial Sales
Theodore Gray Theodore Gray
Cofounder, Wolfram Research, Inc.; Founder, Touch Press
   Tigran Ishkhanyan Tigran Ishkhanyan
Algorithms R&D
Timothy Newlin Timothy Newlin
Guest Author
   Tim Shedelbower Tim Shedelbower
Visualization Developer, Algorithms R&D
Toni Schindler Toni Schindler
Wolfram|Alpha Scientific Content
   Tuseeta Banerjee Tuseeta Banerjee
Research Scientist, Machine Learning
Tom Wickham-Jones Tom Wickham-Jones
Director of Kernel Technology
   Ulises Cervantes-Pimentel Ulises Cervantes-Pimentel
Senior Kernel Developer
Vitaliy Kaurov Vitaliy Kaurov
Academic Director, Wolfram Science and Innovation Initiatives
   Werner Schuster Werner Schuster
Distributed Systems Engineering
William Sehorn William Sehorn
Senior Reporting Engineer, Corporate Analysis
   Yifan Hu Yifan Hu
Kernel Technology
Yu-Sung Chang Yu-Sung Chang
Technical Communication & Strategy Group
   Zach Littrell Zach Littrell
Technical Content Writer, Technical Communications and Strategy Group
Zoë Brennan Zoë Brennan
Events Manager, Wolfram Research Europe Ltd.
   Zoe Goldenfeld Zoe Goldenfeld
Business Analysis