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Michael Trott

Computing Exact Uncertainties—Physical Constants in the Current and in the New SI

As of Today, the Fundamental Constants of Physics (c, h, e, k, NA) Are Finally… Constant!

Strange Circles in the Complex Plane—More Experimental Mathematics Results

A Tale of Three Cosines—An Experimental Mathematics Adventure

How Laplace Would Hide a Goat: The New Science of Magic Windows

How Many Animals and Arp-imals Can One Find in a Random 3D Image?

What Do Gravitational Crystals Really Look (i.e. Move) Like?

An Exact Value for the Planck Constant: Why Reaching It Took 100 Years

Profiling the Eyes: ϕaithful or ROTen? Or Both?

Aspect Ratios in Art: What Is Better Than Being Golden? Being Plastic, Rooted, or Just Rational? Investigating Aspect Ratios of Old vs. Modern Paintings

Dates Everywhere in Pi(e)! Some Statistical and Numerological Musings about the Occurrences of Dates in the Digits of Pi

Which Is Closer: Local Beer or Local Whiskey?

Musing about Rectangular Bar Magnets

Even More Formulas… for Everything—From Filled Algebraic Curves to the Twitter Bird, the American Flag, Chocolate Easter Bunnies, and the Superman Solid

Using Formulas… for Everything—From a Complex Analysis Class to Political Cartoons to Music Album Covers

Making Formulas… for Everything—From Pi to the Pink Panther to Sir Isaac Newton

Calculating the Energy between Two Cubes

3D Charges and Configurations with Sharp Edges

On the Importance of Being Edgy—Electrostatic and Magnetostatic Problems with Sharp Edges

Making the Mathematica 6 Spikey