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Stay Connected with Wolfram Study Group Sessions, Livestreams and More

Stay Connected with Wolfram Study Group Sessions, Livestreams and More

Remote work. Distance learning. Virtual events. These terms are becoming more commonplace as quarantines and stay-at-home orders continue and folks practice social distancing. While brainstorming how best to contribute to our customers around the world during these unusual times, we’ve generated a ton of data resources, analytics, free access to technology and much more.

However, these resources were still missing a deeper level of collaboration and interaction—the simple power of people coming together to connect, work and learn. With that in mind, here are some more group-oriented offerings to help keep you connected and in touch with one another, even in the new landscape of an almost entirely virtual world.

Wolfram Study Groups

Starting on Monday, April 6 and taking place every weekday, we will be running hour-long events that we’re calling “Wolfram Study Groups.” Each session will include short lesson videos from the interactive course An Elementary Introduction to the Wolfram Language, based on Stephen Wolfram’s book, with experts on hand to explain concepts in more depth. We plan to include multiparadigm data science and other application topics too. The last 30 minutes of each session will be reserved for additional questions, commentary and group discussions—a great chance to learn from our incredible staff and other Wolfram users!

Sessions are currently scheduled for noon EDT (4pm GMT) Monday through Friday, and will run through May 1. Sign up in advance to reserve your seat, or jump right in to any session.

Online Courses—and Certifications!

For those who participate in the Study Groups, a certificate of completion will be awarded for passing auto-graded online quizzes. For those who prefer more independent activities, we have a broad selection of self-paced learning resources at Wolfram U. Many courses will soon include topic certifications, so you can demonstrate your skills in a variety of subjects. These certificates make great supplementary additions to any résumé, college application or professional profile to show your Wolfram Language prowess.

Livestreams and Data Explorations

You can also connect and collaborate with our staff and our user base around the globe on the Wolfram YouTube and Twitch channels, where we’ve hosted a growing number of data explorations and livecoding sessions. For a chance to interact with our CEO, head to Stephen Wolfram’s Twitch channel, where Stephen holds frequent Q&A sessions, topic explorations and language design meetings.

People of all backgrounds have also added their computations to Wolfram Community. You can follow the latest coronavirus-related computations at our community hub.

Wolfram Research is dedicated to making high-quality content and interaction available to everyone. Although live events will likely transition to virtual events in the coming weeks, we’re doing everything we can to prevent cancellations. In the meantime, stay tuned for updates—and keep exercising your computational curiosity!


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  1. Having taken a number of courses, these are great. I signed up for the study groups and look forward to seeing what they are like.

  2. Thanks for the info Danielle!