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Improving Financial Analysis with Mathematica

When it comes to risk analysis, Mathematica is fast and reliable. That’s why Thomas Roux and Rémy Fellous decided to use Mathematica in lieu of technologies like Java and JVBA for conducting risk assessments at BRED Banque Populaire.

According to Roux, the advantage to Mathematica is that it frees them to focus on more important tasks. They don’t have to worry about the minutiae of financial analysis because they can access statistical libraries, link to databases, and import Excel files easily with Mathematica‘s built-in functionality.

Before discovering Mathematica, the two analysts routinely encountered problems. In addition to slower calculations, they were unable to trust the reliability of their results. Now they can get a model down on paper, implement it immediately, and adapt their financial strategies to the different needs of the market. And Mathematica’s versatile graphing makes it easy to share their findings with those outside the financial industry.

Watch Roux and Fellous discuss how they use Mathematica in risk management, model validation, and pricing tool creation.

This video is in French, so be sure to click the CC button in the lower right hand corner for captions.

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