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3D Charges and Configurations with Sharp Edges

In my last blog post, we looked at various examples of electrostatic potentials and magnetostatic fields. We ended with a rectangular current loop. Electrostatic and magnetostatic potentials for squares, cubes, and cuboids typically contain only elementary functions, but the expressions themselves are often quite large compared with simple systems with radial symmetry. In the following, we will discuss some 3D charge configurations that have sharp edges. Let's start with a charged 2D rectangle in 3D space. Again, the potential is an elementary function that contains a few logarithms.
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Mathematica Experts Live: One-Liner Competition—And the Winners Are…

Mathematica users around the world answered our call to prove their programming prowess in our recent Mathematica Experts Live: One-Liner Competition. And once again, we were blown away by what our users did with just 140 characters or less of Mathematica code. Videos from the webcast where we revealed the winner and runners-up are now available in our Screencast & Video Gallery and on YouTube. Check them out to see the creative applications the honorees came up with: from transforming a sphere into a cow to random sound generators to a world capitals quiz to the highly impressive grand prize winner. You're sure to learn some new Mathematica tricks and techniques from each entry.
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Free Wolfram Mathematica Virtual Conference 2012

Get an edge in everything from computer graphics to deploying interactive reports to using Wolfram|Alpha in the classroom. Whether you're new to Mathematica or an expert, the free Wolfram Mathematica Virtual Conference 2012 will help you get the most out of the platform. Two tracks of conference talks cover applications of Mathematica in industry and research and in education. Each talk includes a live Q&A session.
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Computer-Based Math Education Summit 2012

In November 2011 we held the first Computer-Based Math Education Summit in London. Over two days we brought an unprecedented cross-section of people with a stake in STEM education to address the question "In an era of ubiquitous computing, how should we rebuild math education from the ground up, to keep pace with and drive progress in the real world?" Last year's summit was a first glimpse at some of the work from the computer-based math community worldwide. The Computer-Based Math Education Summit 2012, again being held in London, will be tackling more of these issues in a mainstream way. If you want to have a stake in math education in 10 years' time, this summit is unmissable.