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Wolfram|Alpha, Now in Español!

Wolfram|Alpha, Now in Español

We are happy to announce that Wolfram|Alpha, the world’s first computational knowledge engine, is now available in Spanish.

Wolfram|Alpha Spanish interface

What Is Wolfram|Alpha?

Wolfram|Alpha is a computational knowledge engine that understands and answers questions in natural language. It is based on four key components:

  • Natural language processing: to understand the questions asked by users in the most intuitive way.
  • A curated database: terabytes of data curated by experts that covers a large range of topics.
  • Dynamic computation: once the question is interpreted, Wolfram|Alpha extracts the relevant information from its database and uses a collection of tens of thousands of algorithms to summarize and generate new knowledge.
  • Extensive answers: Wolfram|Alpha not only returns the exact answer to the user, but also additional information for a better understanding.

Wolfram|Alpha is developed with Mathematica and the Wolfram Language, the programming language whose powerful symbolic programming capabilities enable the mathematic and algorithmic processing of questions and results.

Wolfram|Alpha in Spanish is not simply a translation of the English content, but an adaptation to Spanish of the natural language rules and result generation.

What Can You Do with Wolfram|Alpha in Spanish?

The Spanish version includes all the math topics available in the English version. The wide diversity of math topics included in Wolfram|Alpha allows it to answer almost any question, from elementary math to differential equations and elliptic functions.

We can explore Wolfram|Alpha by simply making a query, clicking the Random button or visiting the large example gallery, which is classified by topic.

Wolfram|Alpha topics

Let’s start with a simple example. Don’t know how to say a large number? Ask it!

Learn how to say a number

Wolfram|Alpha not only understands the question and gives the answer, it also returns related information.

Algebra may seem like a hard topic, but Wolfram|Alpha will obtain the solution to almost any equation you can write.

Solve an algebraic equation

Geometry is a very important math topic, and Wolfram|Alpha’s vast knowledge allows it to compute the properties of geometric figures, simple or complex.

Calculate the properties of geometric figures

Do you want to know about integrals? You can ask about “integrales que contienen cos(u)” (“integrals that contain cos(u)”) and get a large gallery of examples of integrals.

Learn about integrals with examples

Or if you need to solve a complicated differential equation, you can simply write it and get the solution.

Solve a differential equation

Moreover, if we need more details, we can ask for the step-by-step solution. Here’s a sample.

Find step-by-step solutions

It can also answer applied math questions, like this cover problem.

Solve cover problems

There are many more topics that can be explored in Wolfram|Alpha in Spanish—be sure to try it!

Final Comments

Do not hesitate to send your feedback in the form available under “Envíenos sus comentarios”. The Wolfram|Alpha team always reviews all the messages we receive, and we are constantly adding new features and functions.

Contact Wolfram|Alpha

You can also contact us via our main contact page, or our social networks on Facebook and Twitter.

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