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Date Archive: 2022 January

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New in 13: Notebook Interfaces

An important feature of Wolfram Notebooks is that they’re set up to operate both on the desktop and in the cloud. And even between versions of Wolfram Language there’s lots of continued enhancement in the way notebooks work in the cloud. But in Version 12.2 there’s been some particular streamlining of the interface for notebooks between desktop and cloud.

Education & Academic

Learning Differential Equations in 10 Hours or Fewer with the Wolfram Language

Differential equations are a cornerstone of modern mathematics. From quantum mechanics to population dynamics and stock market predictions, they play a crucial role in understanding the world around us. For this reason, courses on differential equations are core for many undergraduate degrees in the natural sciences, engineering and other fields.
Leading Edge

What Does Hollywood Have to Do with the Chicken Head?

In a relatively popular marketing device in the past decade, chickens found their way into online advertising and TV commercials, where their impressive focusing and stabilization skills were displayed. Hold them gently and then move them up, down or rotate them slightly, and their eyesight stays at a constant level.