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Get Ready for College or University with the Early Access for Students Program

Get Ready for College or University with the Early Access for Students Program

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Are you planning to start university or college next year? If you’re anything like me, making that next step in your education can be a daunting prospect. Some of you might be worried about being able to keep up with your new classmates, others about maintaining a position at the top of the class—and plenty of you probably fall somewhere in the middle.

Whatever your aspirations and expectations are for the next year, we want you to have the confidence and the ability to achieve them. That’s why we’re launching the Early Access for Students Program with free access to Mathematica Online and Wolfram U—letting you hit the ground running from day one with the computational tools, technologies and techniques you’ll need.

What Do You Get in the Early Access for Students Program?

Simply put, world-class computation tech and all the resources you’ll need to get ahead in your courses. In more detail, the Early Access for Students Program has two main elements:

Free Access to Mathematica Online

From life and social sciences to economics and business to traditionally mathematical subjects like physics and engineering, Mathematica and its counterpart the Wolfram Language are used for teaching, learning and research by the world’s top universities and colleges. Wherever you intend to start studying this summer, chances are they use Mathematica Online too.

Your access starts as soon as you enroll in the program and lasts until September 30, 2021. The sooner you sign up, the greater the benefits you’ll get from it!

Free Access to the Entire Wolfram U Course Catalog

Our online learning platform, Wolfram U, is an incredible resource not just for learning how to use Wolfram technology—although it is very good for that!—but also for all the computational tools and techniques you’ll be using as part of your courses. From using machine learning for history, image processing for medicine or getting the most out of Wolfram Notebooks for economics, you’ll find it all on Wolfram U.

As with access to Mathematica Online, access lasts until September 30, 2021, so the sooner you sign up, the longer you’ll benefit from all the Wolfram U learning materials.

How Will This Help You at College or University?

College and university students around the world use Mathematica Online to explore any topic—regardless of differences in textbooks, knowledge levels or teaching and learning styles. And it’s not just for school: Wolfram technologies are used heavily by industry, governments and researchers across the globe.

With the Early Access for Students Program, you’ll have the confidence to use the computational tools and techniques necessary for your new courses and beyond. All you need to do is go ahead and sign up!

Enroll in Wolfram’s Early Access for Students Program today.


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