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Wolfram Plans to Offer Classes for Homeschoolers This Semester, and We Want to Hear from You!

Wolfram Plans to Offer Homeschooling Options, and We Want to Hear from You!

Schooling looks a little different in 2020. Whether it’s technical issues with the transition to online courses, decreased physical attendance or delayed and last-minute openings, we’re all feeling the pressure caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

At Wolfram Research, we’ve been involved in education for decades and count millions of parents, teachers and students as both our customers and our friends. Because of this longstanding commitment to learning, we have content, experts and platforms at the ready to help parents and students who are looking for ways to augment their learning.

To this end, we are currently planning a homeschool education initiative, which will focus on mathematics, programming and computational thinking, aimed roughly at the high-school level. We plan to offer free “self-serve” courses covering these subjects, as well as paid interactive courses taught by talented instructors. Our goal is to offer students unique and meaningful instruction, enabled by a combination of our technology and interaction with experts. We also plan to host occasional “colloquia,” where students can engage in Q&As with scientists, mathematicians and computer scientists, connecting what they learn in their classes back to the real world that lies ahead of them.

Your thoughts on this initiative are welcome. If you have any ideas or feedback or are interested in signing up for any of these courses, we’d love to hear from you. If you’re interested in becoming an instructor for these courses, you can apply here.

Apply here to teach a course or give feedback on at-home options you’d like to see from Wolfram.


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  1. Just using Wolfram Alpha is already appreciated for my students, to solve equations or verify a derivation. You make a very good job !