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Wolfram ❤s Teachers: A Gift Basket for Educators

Teachers, professors, parents-as-teachers—to ease the transition into the fall semester, we’ve compiled some of our favorite Wolfram resources for educators! We appreciate everything you do, and we hope you find this cornucopia of computation useful.

Tech-Based Teaching Blog

It’s no secret that we’re fans of technology in the classroom, and that extends past STEM fields. Computational thinking is relevant across the whole curriculum—English, history, music, art, social sciences and even sports—with powerful ways to explore the topics at hand through accessible technology. Tech-Based Teaching walks you through computational lesson planning and enthusiastic coding events. You’ll also find information about teaching online STEM courses, as well as other examples of timely curated content.


From simply exploring general concepts to researching specifics, from step-by-step solutions for math problems to creating homework worksheets, Wolfram|Alpha is the perfect entry point for an educator using technology in the classroom. Keep your students engaged with the award-winning computational knowledge engine and mass amounts of curated information, and make sure to check out Wolfram|Alpha Pro for a new level of computational excellence (and see our current promotions)!

Wolfram Problem Generator

Ask for a random problem, get a random problem! With Wolfram Problem Generator, you or your students can choose a subject and receive unlimited random practice problems. This is useful for test prep or working on areas your students haven’t mastered yet.

Wolfram Demonstrations Project

You might still be wondering how computation could apply to fields like fine arts, social sciences or sports. These fields are where the Wolfram Demonstrations Project can help. An open-code resource to illustrate concepts in otherwise technologically neglected fields, the Wolfram Demonstrations Project offers interactive illustrations as a resource for visually exploring ideas through its universal electronic publishing platform. You don’t even have to have Mathematica to use Demonstrations—no plugins required.

Wolfram Challenges

Your students might be the kind of people who like fun ways of practicing their computational skills (but let’s face it, who doesn’t?), which is where Wolfram Challenges come in. Wolfram Challenges are a continually expanding collection of coding games and exercises designed to give users with almost any level of experience using the Wolfram Language a rigorous computational workout.

An Elementary Introduction to the Wolfram Language

Stephen Wolfram’s An Elementary Introduction to the Wolfram Language teaches those with no programming experience how to work with the Wolfram Language. It’s available in print and for free online, with interactive exercises to check your answers immediately using the Wolfram Cloud. Or sign up for the free, fully interactive online course at Wolfram U, which combines all the book’s content and exercises with easy-to-follow video tutorials.

Wolfram U

If you’re looking for open courses to expand your own knowledge or you’d like to recommend courses to your students in high school, college and beyond, Wolfram U should be the first place you check. Wolfram U hosts streamed webinar series, special events (both upcoming and archived) and video courses—all taught by experts in multiple fields.

Free Webinar: Computable Knowledge with Wolfram|Alpha

Join Wolfram Research’s back-to-school special event on September 12, 2018, to learn how to enhance your academic content with instantly computable real-world data using Wolfram|Alpha. Sign up now and get access to recordings from earlier sessions in this webinar series covering interactive notebooks, computational essays, and collaborating and sharing in the cloud. Visit Wolfram U to learn about other upcoming events, webinars and courses.

Back-to-School Special Offers on Wolfram|Alpha Pro and More

Gaining access to affordable tech is even easier with the current special offers from Wolfram Research. Take 25% off Wolfram|Alpha Pro for Educators for a limited time.

We’re rooting for you and your students throughout this school year!


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