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Announcing Wolfram Presenter Tools

Introducing the Ultimate Technical Presentation Environment with Live Interactivity

We are delighted to announce that Wolfram’s latest comprehensive notebook technology extension is here. Released with Version 11.3 of Wolfram desktop products, Wolfram Presenter Tools is the world’s first fully computational presentation environment, seamlessly extending the notebook workflow for easy creation and delivery of dynamic presentations and slide shows, automatically scaled to fit any screen size. Our unique presentation features include rapid stylesheet updating and automatic slide breaking based on cell style.

Working from your existing notebooks or using templated guides, it is now possible to easily create impressive, interactive and beautiful presentations—harnessing the power of the Wolfram Language with interactive manipulates, real-time data and livecoding. Together with publication-quality technical typesetting, coherent design templates and configurable presentation controls, Presenter Tools’ range of customizable themes makes presentations eye-catching and unique to you.

Presenter Tools features

What Is Involved?

One of Presenter Tools’ key elements is the new quick-editing toolbar, providing authoring style options, slide show controls and fine layout-adjustment tools in one convenient interface. Our new screen environments, for viewing the same notebook in a variety of different presentation modes, include scrolling edit mode, slide edit mode and both slide and continuous presentation environments. In fact, your presentations will now take advantage of all the superior features of the computational notebook. Easily see and manage your manual and automatic slide breaks, and use the hierarchical cell structure of Wolfram Notebooks to arrange your text, output, images and code in an easily digestible format.

Another important feature of Presenter Tools customizes cell styles throughout an entire presentation to make stylesheet changes easy. Update colors, fonts, alignment, spacing and sizing for any given cell style right from the toolbar.

We have added user-friendly controls to make your presentation experience as smooth as possible. From configurable keyboard commands for slide navigation to writing side notes and auto-inserting code cells, we have designed the full toolkit for keeping a computable presentation on point. Remind yourself of your favorite anecdotes and metapoints, or keep ready-to-use livecoding examples for impressive and reliable demonstrations.

Explore these key features and learn more about Wolfram Presenter Tools »


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  1. Does it offer layers (for background images/video) and moveable text boxes? Otherwise it looks good.

    • Hello! At the moment, short answer, no. You can customize and add images to your notebooks and position and space text using the interactive toolbar. You are completely in control of where text cells are positioned, by using the alignment and spacing tools. Background image support may come in future versions. However, there are currently inbuilt stylesheets with background images so you can customize the theme of your presentation. Hope that helps.

  2. Can these presentations be embedded in an html? I’m thinking about posting them in my website so people can scroll and interact with them without having to download them.

    • Hi Pau. Currently PresenterTools works within our desktop applications and we are now working on being able to host the same presentations in the Wolfram Cloud. Cloud notebooks are easily able to be embedded in html…. so it’s definitely in the works! I would watch this space!

  3. I tried opening a new > presenter notebook, but Mathematica gave me an error message:

    PresenterTools`Utilities`PresenterNotebookChooser::argx: presentation is not a Notebook. called with `2` arguments; 1 argument is expected.

    I just upgraded to 11.3, on a Mac OX 10.12.6

  4. This is exceptional – move over PowerPoint.

  5. Hello there.

    It looks wonderful.

    However I am a bit confused by pricing. The trial button navigates me to Wolfram Plus, which costs 400 euro per year.

    My question, is this a separate product / service or if I purchase Mathematica Home version I can play with this? Thank you.

    • Hello, Marek! I’m assuming that you meant to say that it navigates you to Wolfram|One? If so, once you’re on the Wolfram|One homepage, you can click on the “Try now” icon and that will get you started with a free trial of Wolfram|One which will include Presenter Tools.

      However, if you already have (or purchase) Mathematica 11.3, Presenter Tools are included at no extra cost. If you have any issues, please don’t hesitate to contact Wolfram Customer Support.