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European Wolfram Technology Conference 2018

This year, we’ll be in Oxford for the European Wolfram Technology Conference. Join us June 14–15 for two days of expert talks showcasing the latest releases in Wolfram technologies, in-depth explorations of key features and practical use cases for integrating Wolfram technologies in your ecosystem.

Catering to both new and existing users, the conference provides an overview of the entire Wolfram technology stack while also exploring some of our new products and features; you will also learn about the field of multiparadigm data science, the new approach of using modern analytical techniques, automation and human-data interfaces to move the bar on answers.

Session highlights will include keynotes from Conrad Wolfram, Tom Wickham-Jones and a range of Wolfram experts and users from around the world, giving you the inside track on the future direction of computational technology.

Key topics will include:

  • Machine learning and neural networks
  • Enterprise computation strategies
  • Deployment in the Wolfram Cloud
  • Signal and image processing

With a conference dinner rounding out the first day, this is a great opportunity for attendees to not only meet those who develop Wolfram technologies but also connect with our thriving community of like-minded users.

To join us in Oxford, register now.


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  1. Sounds very exciting! We’ll be looking forward to the conference.