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Celebrate Math Awareness with This Wolfram|Alpha Promo

April and Mathematics Awareness Month will soon be coming to an end, and so will these special offers on Mathematica and Wolfram|Alpha. As I mentioned in my last post, this year’s Mathematics Awareness Month explores “the Future of Prediction” via mathematics and statistics. Ever since the earliest recognition of mathematics, people have used it to make accurate predictions not only in math but also in related fields.

Math Awareness Month

For almost seven years now, millions of people have used the computational powers of Wolfram|Alpha to check their own predictions and explore fascinating topics in math, science, history, linguistics, culture, the arts, and more. Take Brian A. Carr from Jackson, Wyoming, for example. He is a classical scholar and career firefighter with Jackson Hole Fire/EMS. Carr uses Wolfram|Alpha for a variety of interests, “from helping to explain geometrical and mathematical concepts related to my study of early Greek mathematics to investigating the physics of room-and-contents fires.”

Wolfram|Alpha “was a lifesaver in my graduate work,” says Samantha Howard, who is now a physicist in the United States Air Force. Howard, who received her master’s degree in applied physics from the Air Force Institute of Technology, first discovered Wolfram|Alpha during her undergraduate years at the USAF Academy.

“I love Wolfram|Alpha because it helps me solve real-world problems while I’m on the road,” says Andre Koppel, a financial analyst. In addition to finding the natural language interface invaluable for solving complex math questions in his work, Koppel uses Wolfram|Alpha for everyday things like measuring food and drink quantities at restaurants or checking the tides to see if it’s safe to go into coastal waters.

Carr, Howard, and Koppel are only a few representatives of our huge community of users who are working with Wolfram|Alpha every day to explore new horizons. In honor of Mathematics Awareness Month and to encourage mathematics curiosity and exploration, we are offering 20% off subscriptions to Wolfram|Alpha Pro through April 30, 2016. Visit our website, use the promo code MATHMONTH20OFF, and start exploring!


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