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Experts in Action: Live-Coding with Christopher Wolfram

If you’ve ever hit a roadblock while learning to code, then you know the frustration of trying to find the best resource to help you out. We have good news. We are happy to announce that Christopher Wolfram, son of Wolfram Research’s founder, Stephen Wolfram, will be live-coding on Livecoding.tv. This new Y Combinator–backed coding platform brings programmers together to watch live streams of people coding real products.

Christopher live-coding onstage at Maker Faire

Enhance your coding skills and learn directly from someone with the knowledge and expertise that results from working directly with Stephen Wolfram. Christopher’s presentation will focus on education analytics; users who tune in will see a firsthand demonstration of how to interact with datasets and visualizations in the Wolfram Language. The live streaming is scheduled for Tuesday, September 22 at 7pm CDT.

Livecoding.tv is an educational startup designed to allow developers to stream live videos of themselves coding anything from apps and games to real products. Much like Twitch aspired to revolutionize gaming, Livecoding.tv is eager to transform the way people learn to code. Focused on online learning, it gives coders the ability to watch experienced programmers at work and interact with them. Once the live stream is over, users can play back the video to pick up on anything they might have missed.

Christopher has been programming for half his life and has given a number of public lectures about Mathematica from as young an age as 13. “One of the things I always liked about programming was that there are few limitations on what you can build. With something like, say, carpentry, you are limited by all sorts of practical issues,” says Christopher.

In a presentation he gave at Maker Faire in New York, Christopher demoed connecting Mathematica to an Arduino board and a quadricopter.

Earlier this summer, Stephen Wolfram demonstrated the power and simplicity of the Wolfram Language on Livecoding.tv. The streaming took place on the 27th anniversary of the first release of Mathematica; Wolfram used the theme to have some impromptu fun with Wolfram Language code.

Improve your coding skills and register to watch the livestream September 22 at 7pm CDT. For more information about the event, please click here.


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