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Summer Schools: Wolfram Science and Wolfram Innovation

For three weeks this past July, Wolfram held the annual Wolfram Summer School for over 60 students from around the world. They came to work on projects ranging from aperiodic hexagonal tessellations to computer language grammars to political sentiment microsites. The overarching theme was entrepreneurial science. Participants employed cutting-edge computational tools like Wolfram Programming Cloud, machine learning, and a whole variety of new functions from Version 10.2 of the Wolfram Language.


This year’s main innovation was a new track, the Wolfram Innovation Summer School, for making products or starting companies not necessarily related to Wolfram Science or the book A New Kind of Science. Those projects culminated in microsites like MyPiDay.com.

Projects based on Wolfram Science pushed boundaries and frontiers—literally doing so in the case of the rule 30 central column, which went out to eight million steps. That’s eight times further than the result in the book.

portBinary graph

Several physics projects on quantum mechanics, generalized thermodynamics, and network universes were submitted, along with other pure projects that explored new topics in cellular automata, boids, and sandpiles. Some projects even investigated the structure of computer languages, including the Wolfram Language itself. Check out our Tumblr for a collage from the poster session.

Collage of Summer School projects

Of course, there was more going on than just these projects. Live experiments by Stephen Wolfram and lectures from his staff, covering not just A New Kind of Science but also many of the new technologies from Wolfram, brought the whole School together. It was a jam-packed three weeks, but we’re already looking forward to what new and exciting ideas next year will bring.


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  1. This is amazing, I wish I had something like that when I was younger. Can I join too now that I am 35 ;)