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Wolfram Community Featured Posts: Reddit’s 60-Second Button, Raspberry Pi, and More

Wolfram Community connects you with users from around the world who are doing fun, innovative, and useful things with the Wolfram Language. From game theory and connected devices to astronomy and design, here are a few posts you won’t want to miss.

Reddit 60-second button

Are you familiar with the Reddit 60-second button? The Reddit experiment was a countdown that would vanish if it ever reached zero. Clicking a button gave the countdown another 60 seconds. One Community post brings Wolfram Language visualization and analysis to Reddit’s experiment, which has sparked questions spanning game theory, community psychology, and statistics. David Gathercole started by importing a dataset from April 3 to May 20 into Mathematica and charted some interesting findings. See what he discovered and contribute your own ideas.

Frank Kampas solved a New York Times 4×4 KENKEN using the Wolfram Language, and others offered suggestions for making that code even faster. One Community member wondered if the puzzle itself could be automatically and randomly generated to make a complete Demonstrations Project app. Do you have a solution for solving 6×6 grids? You can chime in here.


Alfonso Garcia-Parrado used the Wolfram Language with Raspberry Pi and the GSM module SIM908 to build a geo-location device with just a few lines of code. Check out his explanation to give it a try for yourself, or browse other topics related to Raspberry Pi and connected devices.

Flags from around the world

Inspired by the TED talk “Why City Flags May Be the Worst-Designed Thing You’ve Never Noticed,” Bernat Espigulé Pons sorted the flags of every country into similar groups, showing how simplistic designs increase the odds of duplicating flags. Browse the images for a peek at the similarities among country flags and snag the similarity graph of flags in CDF format.

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