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EWTC 2015: Celebrating Wolfram in Europe

Thirty talks, one Wolfram Language code tutorial, one image processing workshop, and 130 delegates—plus a rogue appearance from a strategically placed pineapple—all added up to another successful and entertaining European Wolfram Technology Conference in Germany earlier this month.

European Technology Conference with Image Identify

The new Wolfram Language Image Identification Project was the focus of much interest at the conference. Talks on the subject were particularly well received, and there were laughs aplenty when European CEO Conrad Wolfram demonstrated its ability to recognize the aforementioned tropical fruit… which happened to be the nearest object at hand during his opening keynote!

Tom Wickham-Jones’ keynote on the Wolfram Cloud Platform and Oliver Rübenkönig’s engaging “Writing Your Own PDE Solvers” talk were also voted among the most memorable and enjoyable sessions by the delegates in Frankfurt.

The conference covered a wide range of topics for those interested in Wolfram technologies, including SystemModeler, the Wolfram Language, and the Wolfram Data Drop. It also explored the technology and vision behind the Computer-Based MathTM education system.

Development team at European Wolfram Technology Conference

Apart from learning and entertainment, there was also plenty of celebration at the Frankfurt event. Among those with something extra to cheer at the conference dinner was the UnRisk development team, which took one of this year’s Wolfram Innovator Awards. UnRisk was recognized for its highly sophisticated family of financial derivatives and risk analytics products, which are built around the Wolfram Language.

The other Innovator Award winner, also from the finance industry, was André Koppel, of André Koppel Software GmbH. A creator and seller of financial insolvency products that use Wolfram Language and CDF, Koppel has long been a terrific supporter of Wolfram and an advocate of our technology.

Another cause for celebration was the 25th anniversary of the partnership between Wolfram and ADDITIVE GmbH. Our German sales partner’s CEO Andreas Heilemann was on hand to wield the knife for cake-slicing duty on this auspicious occasion, of which we hope to share many more with ADDITIVE.

Stay tuned for news of the date and venue for EWTC 2016!


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