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Join the Wolfram Student Ambassador Program!

Are you a student and a technology junkie? If so, keep reading! The Wolfram Student Ambassador Program allows exemplary students the opportunity to further their tech career by acting as the face of Wolfram at their universities (plus earn some great swag, opportunities, and prizes).

For this pilot program, we are searching for one representative each from colleges and universities all around North America. We are looking for the top tier of technical talent, the peak of perfection, the coolest of coders. The ideal candidate will have 10—14 hours to dedicate to the program each month. They are already a leader on campus, charismatic and loved by all, and with an undying passion for Wolfram technologies.

A Wolfram Student Ambassador will:

  • teach and inspire others to use Wolfram technology in new and innovative ways
  • host talks/workshops/meet-ups that promote the use of the Wolfram Technology Stack across multiple fields of study
  • collaborate with other student ambassadors on coding projects, events, and a newsletter
  • meet monthly with our Student Ambassador Coordinator to provide and receive feedback and insight on program goals and initiatives
  • build excitement through official Student Ambassador social media accounts, as well as your own

interns from 2014

What do you get?

In addition to building up your resumé, the Wolfram Student Ambassador Program has some great perks:

  • real-world experience that will set you apart as a professional in the technology world
  • lasting connections with fellow student ambassadors and leading innovators in the industry
  • participation in quarterly video conference training with our top developers
  • free access to additional online training as well as new and existing Wolfram technologies
  • opportunities to guest blog, present projects, and publish results
  • admission to our annual Wolfram Technology Conference
  • cool Wolfram swag every month as a Student Ambassador in good standing

Do you have what it takes?

Here’s a checklist—are you:

  • articulate, brilliant, collaborative, daring, engaging, and friendly?
  • familiar with the Wolfram Technology Stack, including Mathematica, Wolfram Programming Cloud, Wolfram|Alpha, SystemModeler, etc.?
  • able to understand the capabilities of each product (while not necessarily needing to know how to write code for everything)?
  • proficient enough to lead explorations and hands-on workshops?
  • enrolled as a full-time student?
  • available 10–14 hours per month?
  • willing and able to learn new technologies?
  • able to thrive on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Reddit, LinkedIn, etc.?
  • already active in the campus tech community?

If this is you—apply here.
We can’t wait to meet you!


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  1. I discovered wolfram on the internet 1 years ago.And i suddenly began to love to use it. And i am wondering why you are searcing students only in north america. As in my country, china,students or reseachers tend to use matlab more often.I can’t tell which one is better . i am not a professional.But i do think wolfram should attach more importance to aisan market.So if you will look for a student Ambassador,i’d like to take an active part in it.

  2. Hi, Renaud!
    Thank you for your interest in the Wolfram Student Ambassador program. We’re thrilled there is interest around the globe and hope to expand this pilot program beyond North America in the future.
    Stay tuned!