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Imagine people from all around the world, young and old, neuroscientists and quantum physicists, Arduino hackers and music composers, gathered with Stephen Wolfram and his team in one place to discover new science and technology.

That’s the Wolfram Science Summer School, which for the last decade or so has been my favorite time of the year. When it was founded in 2003, the school’s focus was on Stephen Wolfram’s A New Kind of Science, but its scope has expanded to include what is now called Wolfram Science. Stephen Wolfram explained in a blog post last year how this school is like entrepreneurship science. It’s not about doing the same old stuff, as you might get in a typical academic environment.

Summer ambassadors

This year we are holding the Summer School again, June 29–July 17; you can find the application link at the bottom of the Summer School home page. I am excited to think about what will be discovered.

But I’m also excited about a new program called the Wolfram Innovation Summer School (also June 29–July 17).

The idea is to focus on the development of technology through innovation. The students who have applied so far come from around the world and have a keen interest in creating new and useful things, be they new products or new companies. As in the Wolfram Science Summer School, the age range for Innovation Summer School attendees may be quite broad, but most participants will probably be in their twenties. (For teenagers interested in innovation, there is the Wolfram Tech Innovation Summer Camp , which is based on the Mathematica Summer Camp, both taking place July 6–July 17.)

There are lots of schools and programs out there for entrepreneurship, but what makes the Wolfram Innovation Summer School different is the focus on developing ideas and making things, and of course, getting project advice from Stephen Wolfram and his staff.

Two programs. One for science and a new one for technology. Bring your ideas and creative drive, and explore with us where no one has explored before.


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