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Wolfram|Alpha Apps and Math Course Apps for Windows—Just Released

Just in time for the holidays—Wolfram|Alpha apps for Windows and Windows Phone have been released! We’re excited to announce that our popular Wolfram|Alpha app and several Wolfram Course Assistant Apps are now available for your Windows 8.1 devices.

The Wolfram|Alpha applications are universal apps, and utilize Windows’ distinct style while bringing to Windows users some of the features people have come to expect from Wolfram|Alpha: a custom keyboard for easily entering queries, a large selection of examples to explore Wolfram|Alpha’s vast knowledgebase, history to view your recent queries, favorites so you can easily answer your favorite questions, the ability to pin specific queries to the start menu, and more.

Windows phone + tablet preview

Wolfram|Alpha screenshots

We’re also happy to announce the release of several of our Course Assistant Apps on Windows 8.1 devices:

These apps also feature our custom keyboards for the quick entry of your homework problems. View Step-by-step solutions to learn how to solve complex math queries, plot 2D or 3D functions, explore topics applicable to your high school and college math courses, and much more.

Precalculus examples


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  1. Where is the “Wolfram Calculator” ?

    DECEMBER 3, 2013
    Mathematica – coming to an iPad near you in Wolfram Calculator!

    Is this already here or is it in the pipeline ?

    Advanced Mathematics as a readily available tool. Bravo !

    One should only have to go thru the tedium of hand calculating once while learning the mathematical concepts, then be able to use the “Wolfram Calculator” to creatively use these concepts. Otherwise 99.99% of the student’s interest in mathematics is drowned in tedious calculations.

    Let us use Mathematics creatively.