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Fractal Fun: Tweet-a-Program Mandelbrot Code Challenge

November 17, 2014 — Wolfram Blog Team

This week Wolfram will be celebrating Benoit Mandelbrot‘s birthday and his contributions to mathematics by holding a Tweet-a-Program challenge. In honor of Mandelbrot, tweet us your favorite fractal-themed lines of Wolfram Language code. Then, as with our other challenges, we’ll use the Wolfram Language to randomly select winning tweets (along with a few of our favorites) to pin, retweet, and share with our followers. If you win, we’ll send you a free Wolfram T-shirt!

In Tweet-a-Program’s first few exciting months, we’ve already seen a number of awesome fractal examples like these:

First fractal image

Second fractal image

Third fractal image

To win, tweet your submissions to @WolframTaP by the end of the week (11:59pm PDT on Sunday, November 23). So that you don’t waste valuable code space, we don’t require a hashtag with your submissions. However, we do want you to share your code with your friends by retweeting your results with hashtag #MandelbrotWL.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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Challenge accepted :)

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