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Wolfram Technology Conference 2014: Register Now!

Stephen Wolfram speaking at 2013 WTCIt’s been a productive 2014 already here at Wolfram with tons of new technology being released and a whole new world of possibilities opening up. One great way to learn more about these accomplishments is to join us at the 2014 Wolfram Technology Conference.
The conference takes place Wednesday, October 22 through Friday, October 24, in Champaign, Illinois (our headquarters). This year’s talks will highlight the Wolfram Language and the thriving ecosystem growing around it, including the new Wolfram Programming Cloud, Mathematica,
Wolfram|Alpha, SystemModeler, and more.

At the conference, you’ll hear from Stephen Wolfram himself. Plus our top Wolfram developers will cover exciting new features in-depth, while industry experts will show you how you can use Wolfram technologies in your everyday work to accomplish more–and do so more efficiently.

For those not familiar with the Technology Conference, there will be several types of talks and activities rounding out a full schedule:

  • Wolfram talks: presentations on key topics and new features
  • Expert talks: presentations detailing practical applications of Wolfram technologies in education, science, industry, and business
  • Hands-on workshops: sessions dedicated to helping you create custom solutions for the problems you face every day
  • Collaborative Meet-Ups: your chance to sit down with Wolfram developers and like-minded individuals to discuss best practices and come up with innovative solutions to your most challenging problems
  • Networking events: your opportunity to connect with the Wolfram team and other participants at lunch roundtable discussions, cocktail hour, and more

Images of 2013 WTCTo get a feel for each of the different kinds of talks, check out the conference videos from 2013.
There’s never a dull moment during the three days of the conference. Stephen Wolfram delivers the opening keynote, demoing new developments just to conference participants. (By attending the conference, you’ll get the inside scoop before the general public.)
Then there’s the Conference dinner and Wolfram Innovator Award ceremony. While you enjoy food, drinks, and great company, Stephen recognizes pioneers who are using Wolfram technologies in innovative ways in their fields. After the award ceremony, Stephen opens the floor for a Q&A session–a rare opportunity to have him answer your questions on any topic.

If that’s not enough, there’s also the conference one-liner competition, where you’ll have the opportunity to dazzle everyone with your ability to create powerful programs in a single line of code.

All in all, the Wolfram Technology Conference is an enjoyable, information-packed event. If you’re a fan of any of our products, you won’t want to miss it.

To ensure the best possible experience for conference participants, we limit registration to just 250 people. Register now to secure your spot!


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  1. I’m looking forward to the conference. I have already registered. This year’s conference should be most interesting, and I hope to learn about *all* the features of Mathematica 10.