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SlideOScope and Wolfram Language Magically Transform Your Photos and Art

Donald Barnhart is a self-proclaimed mad optical scientist and independent business owner. He’s been developing optical design and analysis software in Mathematica since 1991, he’s the creator of the popular Optica software package, and he’s the developer of the first successful high-resolution holographic instrument that measures three-dimensional velocity fields in fluids.

Now Barnhart has another invention to add to his list of accomplishments: a totally new kind of photo album called the SlideOScope.

From the outside, a SlideOScope might look like an ordinary kaleidoscope, but on the inside it transforms the way photographs and art can be viewed. It works by reflecting pre-distorted images as you move them past a conic mirror. At certain tube positions, the distorted images become completely undistorted and appear as a normal photograph.

The SlideOScope’s software, written in the Wolfram Language, lets you assemble your images on your iPhone, iPad, or the SlideOScope website. Then, once the pictures are assembled, you can preview them on your screen or share them on Facebook and YouTube before printing.

Unlike the kaleidoscopes and spyglasses you might have used as a child, SlideOScopes don’t need to be held close to your face to work, so several people can share the experience at the same time. By arranging your personal photos in a particular order, you can tell the story of a special event or view your child’s abstract art in a new way.

The SlideOScope can be used as an educational tool too. In this video, you can watch as it tells the story of a frog’s life cycle:

After two years in development, the SlideOScope is almost ready for mass production. To get your hands on a SlideOScope now and support the project, make a pledge on Kickstarter. Hurry, though! The deadline for funding is Wednesday, June 4, 2014 at 12:15am CDT.


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