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Get InsPired with Wolfram Language and Raspberry Pi

In case you haven’t heard already—the Wolfram Language and Mathematica are now available for free on the Raspberry Pi! With just a few lines of code you can use your Raspberry Pi computer to make an infinite array of incredibly complex creations.

Raspberry Pi + Mathematica

To those of you already enjoying this new partnership, we hope you’re having fun experimenting—we’re loving what people have come up with so far. (Stephen Wolfram is even sending tweets in the Wolfram Language from his Raspberry Pi! You can learn how to do the same here.)

We are inviting makers around the world to talk about what they’re doing with the Wolfram Language and Mathematica on the Raspberry Pi. Join the conversation at Wolfram Community and show off your own projects, discover new ideas to use as starting points in your future creations, or take advantage of the many helpful tutorials that have been posted by fellow users. We’ve shared some of our favorites below:

Reading sensor data from a Wii nunchuck via Arduino to Raspberry Pi

Interacting with the RPi-GPIO via Mathematica

Building a GPS tracker with the Raspberry Pi (as seen below)
GPS example

Checking the weather with the Wolfram Language + Raspberry Pi

Connecting to an accelerometer over a serial connection

Snapping pictures with the Wolfram Language on the Raspberry Pi

Now get coding! (And afterward, head back over to the Community to share what you’ve come up with!)


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  1. Great news for all the Raspberry Pi! lovers, pretty sweat deal

  2. Links 1, 2, 3 & 5 are broken.