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Lab and Process Automation with Mathematica in Biotech Research

From the beginning, the founders of the biotechnology startup Emerald Therapeutics wanted to develop an ideal research platform that would allow for lab and process automation during experiments as well as easy communication of their findings. Brian Frezza, Emerald’s Co-founder and Co-CEO, says Mathematica‘s flexible programming language and interactive notebook environment made it the clear choice.

The company’s scientists and engineers have a shared codebase in Mathematica, which allows them to use one platform for all of the tasks in their antiviral research workflow—from developing functions to processing and storing data, designing and managing experiments, presenting findings, and directly controlling lab instruments.

In this video, Frezza takes us into the company’s lab to show us the advantages of having Mathematica as the company’s core platform, including how it’s used to automate experiments.

Learn more about Emerald’s Mathematica-based research workflow and see other Mathematica success stories on our Customer Stories pages.


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