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Digging into River-Aquifer Interactions with Mathematica

As a PhD candidate in civil engineering, Diego Oviedo-Salcedo needed a computational environment that he could use to not only explore the abstract concepts within his civil engineering research, but also to present and communicate his findings to his advisor, peers, and decision-makers. His solution: Mathematica.

Mathematica‘s enhanced built-in statistical analysis capabilities allow Oviedo-Salcedo to instantly test different ideas and methods related to assessing the impact of uncertain physical and hydrological sources on river and aquifer interactions.

In addition, Mathematica‘s easy-to-author interactivity helps him communicate his results with dynamic models—a feature that’s proven to be eye-opening within his department.

Oviedo-Salcedo describes Mathematica‘s critical role in both developing his model and communicating his findings in this video (watch the video in Spanish):

You can find more on Oviedo-Salcedo’s research and see other Mathematica success stories on our Customer Stories pages.


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