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Mathematica Experts Live: Visualization Q&A 2012

For the first time, we’re holding a virtual event in a new talk-show format. We’ll put Mathematica experts live on camera to answer your questions about visualization.

Our host will accept questions in real time and pass them to three of our graphics experts. You can also submit your question when you register for the event.

We will be prepared to address questions on graphics and visualizations, similar to these:

  • How can I add a drop shadow to my plot?
  • How can I independently color different sides of a surface?
  • How can I turn several locators on and off on a graphic with a mouse click?
  • How can I make an xy scatter plot with auxiliary histograms placed next to the xy axes?
  • How can I create an intertwined graphic like the one below?

The virtual event will be held Tuesday, May 22, from 11am to noon Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Virtual seats are limited—see the event schedule and register today!

Parity Entangled Links” from the Wolfram Demonstrations Project by Michael Schreiber


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  1. Hello, is there a recording of the Mathematica Experts Live: Visualization Q&A 2012 available?

    Kind regards,

  2. in the site: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Ambassadors_(Holbein)
    there is a skull picture at the bottom right tiled sharply, this is a famous art painting called “The Ambassadors” . so how can we use mathematica to correct the position of the tiled skull so we can see it better as if we looking for it perpendicularly??