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Free Mathematica Virtual Conference 2011

Wolfram Mathematica Virtual Conference 2011

Things are really moving fast at Wolfram these days. Mathematica 8 introduced 500 new functions and 7 new or extended application areas, including the revolutionary free-form input, Wolfram|Alpha integration, and a direct way to create our groundbreaking Computable Document Format (CDF), which was officially released to the public in late July.

To help keep current users and those who are interested in Wolfram technology up to date, we will be hosting a free half-day Wolfram Mathematica Virtual Conference.

With our global audience in mind, we are offering this event on two separate days in two different time zones:

Monday, September 26, 2011:
Noon–4:15pm Eastern Daylight Time

Tuesday, September 27, 2011:
Noon–4:15pm Central European Summer Time

This virtual event is packed with tips, tricks, and techniques from Wolfram developers and Mathematica experts and will help you get the most out of Mathematica—regardless of your discipline or familiarity with Wolfram technologies.

The event is also a great place to get your individual questions answered during live Q&A and to access white papers and other resources.

The agenda features 25 talks by Wolfram developers and Mathematica experts across 5 tracks: “Discover Mathematica”, “What’s New in Mathematica”, “Applying Mathematica in Industry & Research”, “Applying Mathematica in Education”, and “Developing on the Mathematica Platform”.

Talk topics include:

  • Build an App in 60 Seconds
  • A Speed Date with Mathematica
  • GPU Programming: Concepts and Applications
  • Integrated Control Systems Design
  • Wolfram|Alpha in Mathematica: Built-in Knowledge & Natural Language Programming
  • Creating Rich Visualizations to Explore Your Data
  • Building Image Processing Applications
  • Mathematica for Engineering Education
  • Mobile Computing in the Classroom
  • Developing Enterprise-Class Web Applications
  • Test Driven Development with Mathematica

For more information and to register, visit the Wolfram Mathematica Virtual Conference 2011 website.

We look forward to seeing you online!


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  1. This is a great initiative!

    But please make the talks and videos available on youtube.com or something just as accessible after the talk, so latecomers or totally new people to Mathematica can view and learn from this lather on.
    (i know the talks are up 30 days after the talk are over, but that is a weary short time or retention for something so great!)

  2. @Stian B.
    Of course! All the talks will be made available after the conference indefinitely (as a part of our training materials).

    But you probably don’t want to miss an opportunity to chat with developers at the end of each talk.


  3. Can you elaborate on how the talks will be made available? I am signed up and would take a day off work. If it is not necessary, I may watch at night. I will watch real time if it is possible…

  4. Paul, great question! We are offering the conference twice – hopefully one of the times available will be convenient for you so that you can join live and benefit from the Q&A and chat availability.

    A video recording of each talk will be available on-demand immediately following the live session question and answer period. It will be available for 30 days inside the conference platform, then archived within Wolfram.com.

  5. I tried to join the live event yesterday, but the connection was stuttery and i gave up. Where are the sessions archived for offline review? Are the demonstration files available too? Thanks for pointers.

  6. The various presenters said that their notebooks (not presentations) would be available for download later. I’m interested in “a speed date with mathematica.” Where can I download this (and other) notebook?

  7. The “Speed date with Mathematica” presentation is an amazing demonstration of Mathmatica. I can’t think if a better marketing presentation, either. I strongly request that it be posted as a publicly available presentaton on YouTube or within Wolfram Research so I can steer non-Mathematica users to it. Please let me know of your plans.