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A New Mathematica Tip Every Day on Twitter

We’re excited to announce a new Twitter feed for bite-sized Mathematica hints and tips:


Starting today, we’re tweeting a new Mathematica tip every day, Monday through Friday. We’ll cover everything from Mathematica features and graphics to user interface tips and keyboard shortcuts to miscellaneous fun examples.

Follow the new feed on Twitter at @MathematicaTip. Tweet your own favorite hints or questions to us at @MathematicaTip.


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  1. Seriously brilliant. Thanks for all the effort.

  2. Hello;

    Some of us do not use twitter nor facebook nor ipad nor iphone nor twitter feed nor RSS feed nor any of these new social media cloud computing things.

    For those of us, is there a way to post these tips on a old fashioned normal HTML page somewhere on WRI site so one can see them?

    That would be much easier. Also it will mean that old tips do not get lost.


  3. What is the RSS link to cut and paste into my rss feed?

  4. This is fantastic! Keep up the good work!

  5. The RSS link doesn’t work.