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Goodbye from the Wolfram Technology Conference 2010

The final day of this year’s Wolfram Technology Conference was bittersweet. The presentations were outstanding again, but now it’s all over. If there is a silver lining, it’s that we can’t wait to see what everyone will come up with next year!

A presentation at the Wolfram Technology Conference 2010

Today’s afternoon break featured another book signing. This time, Stan Wagon was on hand to sign copies of the latest edition of his Mathematica in Action: Problem Solving through Visualization and Computation.

Two more of the featured speakers from the conference website spoke today. Did you know origami is more than ornamental? Yves Klett has been using origami techniques to find innovative ways to build complex structures. With Mathematica, Yves is able to design, simulate, prototype, and test his folded structures in real time.

In the field of economics, Robert Yerex has been using Mathematica to correlate information, maintain order in the ever-growing amount of quantitative data, and create visualizations to help people understand economic trends.

Attendees at the Wolfram Technology Conference 2010

Thank you to all of this year’s attendees and presenters. We’ve enjoyed talking with you and learning about how you use Mathematica, Wolfram|Alpha, and other Wolfram products in your work and hobbies. Keep up the great work!


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  1. Were any talks videotaped? If so, will they be made available?

  2. Yes, would be nice to have some footage from this conference for the rest of us :)