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Get It in Print: The Wolfram Mathematica Tutorial Collection

When we released Version 6 in May 2007, Mathematica was reinvented. We also reinvented something else that Mathematica has long been known for: its extensive and detailed product documentation.

While some of you appreciated the recrafting of our tutorial content as stand-alone electronic documents, others missed the narrative of the book, and you let us know it. Which is a good thing, because it led to the creation of the Wolfram Mathematica Tutorial Collection.

Wolfram Mathematica Tutorial Collection

If you’ve got Mathematica 7, you’ve already got the Tutorial Collection content—in a different format—as all of our documentation (over 11,000 pages in all) is available both in-product and online in the Wolfram Mathematica Documentation Center. What the Tutorial Collection provides is added value and convenience in a 23-volume PDF or paperback version of our focused tutorials.

While we are very excited about the future of electronic publishing with Mathematica, we understand that the desire for print access is still strong. With the Tutorial Collection, you can keep the documentation open at your side while working in an active notebook. It’s easily read when offline, lying down, or on the go—one lightweight volume at a time. You can highlight, underline, bookmark, or otherwise notate your favorite sections. And in PDF format it is very easy to search for all occurrences of a particular word or text string.

Being able to go from electronic form and function to print is becoming as critical as the reverse, and we’ve used our own technology to develop solutions for both. In this case, we now bring you nearly 4,000 pages of documentation in PDF and print form. What’s more, our Publisher Program is designed to support you in doing the same. We can help you get your content where you want it to be, whether in electronic format or in print—or both.

If you haven’t already seen the Tutorial Collection, you should check it
out. Just don’t forget to get it in print.


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  1. Since Mathematica 6, eps figures are stored not like eps, but seems just contain a bitmap image inside (instead of vector graphics). They are so huge, that sometimes arXiv does not accept them. It would be great if you correct this. It would help such conservators like me to publish documents in LaTeX+eps. :)

  2. US price USD 385
    EUR price EUR 491

    Thank you, WRI

  3. USD385 for 3850pages, thanks you! :)

    (is ironical and means: USD385 for 3850pages?? Are you kiddin me? No thanks!!! :P )