Wolfram Computation Meets Knowledge

The London Computational Knowledge Summit—June 9, 2010

The teams behind Mathematica and Wolfram|Alpha would like to invite you to the Royal Institution of Great Britain in London, United Kingdom on June 9, 2010 for the London Computational Knowledge Summit.

The summit is bringing together leaders from industry, education, government, and research to explore how advances in computational technology are unlocking knowledge assets and shaping the future.

The topics featured include these and more:

  • Delivering knowledge-based computing to everyone
  • Democratizing high-level computation
  • Automating custom answer generation from data
  • Changing technical communication with computable documents
  • Impact on education and skills priorities in the computational knowledge economy
  • Integrating knowledge computing into an enterprise strategy

Check out the summit website for further information and to register to join us!

Please encourage your colleagues and contacts to attend, too.


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