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A Demonstrations Project Update

As the project coordinator for the Wolfram Demonstrations Project, I’ve seen a lot of new exciting features we’ve been working on come to fruition recently and I want to tell you about them. I hear from a lot of our users, and want to let you know that we are listening to you and working on features that will make communicating your ideas, sharing your work and learning about Demonstrations even easier. And trust me, even more features are coming!

Here are some of the most recent updates we’ve made to the Wolfram Demonstrations Project.

Share & Bookmark This Demonstration

Demonstrations Sidebar

Have you noticed the lovely new sidebar? Look at any Demonstration, and on the right side of the page you’ll see the updated sidebar with a new look and some new features.

In the spirit of web 2.0, we’ve added some quick links for you to share your favorite Demonstrations with friends and colleagues. The “Share & Bookmark This Demonstration” section allows you to email a Demonstration, quickly copy code to embed a link or thumbnail into your blog or website and keep track of your favorite Demonstrations with some of the most popular social bookmarking and bookmark management tools.

Send Us Feedback

We love feedback, especially constructive ideas about features you would like to see. So we have made it even easier for you to immediately send us your ideas on any page in the Demonstrations site. Scroll to the bottom of any Demonstrations Project page and click the box next to “Give us your feedback:”:

Give us your feedback

Fill out the form directly on the page and send us your ideas. Catch an error? Let us know! Do you especially like an author’s work? Send us a message and we will forward your email to the author. After you send your feedback you’ll be taken right back to the Demonstrations page you were looking at.

"Give us your feedback" form

Wolfram Education Portal

Demonstrations are such amazing tools for education, we felt we should make a page just to highlight the most applicable ones. At our new Wolfram Education Portal, we have special links to precollege-level Demonstrations in a variety of topics, making it easier for elementary through high school teachers to find the tools they need to make their classrooms come alive. We do all we can for our precollege level users, and have recently been featured by Apple again in a redesign of its education website. One of the first products included for the Middle and High School Math and Science Collection, as approved by the Distinguished Apple Educator program, is Mathematica for the Classroom.

Wolfram Education Portal

Our growing Education Portal is a great place for precollege teachers to get their feet wet using Demonstrations as dynamic tools for classroom interactivity and otherwise utilizing Mathematica in the modern classroom.

New Features Coming Soon

Before we even finished the last batch of new features, we began work on the next batch, which I believe are even more useful. Many of these new features will facilitate more communication between users and Demonstration authors to encourage the growing Demonstrations Project community. Be sure to check the site often and share your feedback with us on how you use Demonstrations and what features would be of the most interest to you.


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