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Exposed! Workbench 2′s Contribution to Wolfram|Alpha

February 25, 2010 — Wolfram Blog Team

Wolfram|Alpha‘s mission—to make all systematic knowledge immediately computable by anyone—is a major software engineering effort. With millions of lines of code and hundreds of team members, a sophisticated code-base manager is essential in making the project possible. Enter Wolfram Workbench.

Wolfram Workbench 2, the recently released version of Wolfram’s state-of-the-art software engineering and deployment tool, is used at all levels of the Wolfram|Alpha project, from data curation and quality assurance to documentation and framework development. With its leading code-editing, navigation, and project-management tools, Workbench is a scalable solution that is necessary for building and growing Wolfram|Alpha.

In this video, two Wolfram|Alpha developers describe Workbench‘s invaluable role in the project.

You can learn more about how Wolfram technologies have uniquely made Wolfram|Alpha possible online.

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