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Date Archive: 2024 May

Education & Academic

Unlock Innovative Problem-Solving Skills with Creative Computation

As computers continue to perform an increasing number of tasks for us, it’s never been more important to learn how to use computers in creative ways. Creative computing, an interdisciplinary subject combining coding with artistic expression, allows us to blend technology with human experiences. Learning to create in this way can help you unlock your innovative problem-solving skills. By mastering creative computation, you can create interactive artwork, design immersive experiences and develop creative solutions to real-world challenges.
Education & Academic

Marking a Milestone: Four Years of Daily Study Groups

Four years ago, as the COVID pandemic wreaked havoc to class and event schedules, instructors and organizations were scrambling to create meaningful learning opportunities for students. In April 2020, Stephen Wolfram challenged the Wolfram U team to establish a unique online program for building computational skills with Daily Study Groups. The program was enthusiastically received by learners of all ages, and, after recently completing our 50th Daily Study Group, this is the perfect time to reflect on the program, celebrate a milestone and look ahead to future developments.