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Wolfram U Presents: Wolfram Technology in Action

Wolfram Technology in Action

Join Wolfram U for Wolfram Technology in Action: Applications & New Developments, a three-part web series showcasing innovative applications in the Wolfram Language.

Newcomers to Wolfram technology are welcome, as are longtime users wanting to see the latest functionality in the language.

Web Series Overview

The series is modeled after the three different tracks offered at our recent Wolfram Technology Conference, covering data science and AI (November 14), engineering and modeling (November 28) and mathematics and science (December 12). Each webinar will feature presentations shared at the Wolfram Technology Conference, so if you weren’t able to attend this year, you can still take part in some of the highlights.

Additional presentations will be given live during each webinar by Wolfram staff scientists, application developers, software engineers and Wolfram Language users who apply the technology every day to their business operations and research.

Webinar 1: Data Science and AI

At the Data Science and AI webinar on November 14, learn how to build applications using models from the Wolfram Neural Net Repository, including an overview of some of the newest models available for classification, feature extraction, image processing, speech, audio and more. We will also show some applications built by students from the Wolfram Summer Programs, and we’ll perform real-time examples of model training with data.

The Data Science and AI webinar will conclude with a real-world example applying computer vision tasks to digital pathology for the purposes of cancer diagnosis. Get a preview of the webinar content and learn more about Summer School projects by visiting the Wolfram Community posts on Rooftop Recognition for Solar Energy Potential and Using Machine Learning to Diagnose Pneumonia from Chest X-Rays.

Register Now

You can join any or all of the webinars to benefit from the series. You only need to sign up once to save your seat for this webinar and the sessions that follow. When you sign up, you’ll receive an email confirming your registration, as well as reminders for upcoming sessions.

Don’t miss this opportunity to engage with other users and experts of the Wolfram Language!

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