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2016 Wolfram Europe French Tour

Bonjour la France! This October, we’re coming to you to introduce Mathematica 11. We will be running three conferences across France, starting October 4.

Seminaire Mathematica

The conferences will have seminars on topics such as these:

  • Machine learning and neural networks
  • Data science
  • Predictive analytics
  • Cloud development
  • Image processing
  • Graph theory
  • Applied mathematics

Each seminar will introduce Mathematica 11 and its new features, alongside a more in-depth talk with one of our specialists.

The tour will be a great opportunity to check out our latest technology, talk to our developers and get the chance to meet fellow technical specialists and Mathematica experts.

Each date will include several talks. For more information and to reserve your space, please visit the following webpages:

October 4, 2–5pm: Lyon

October 5, 9am–12pm and 2–4:30pm: Grenoble

October 6, 1:30–5:30pm: Paris

Guest speakers on the tour include Sander Huisman, an active contributor on Wolfram Community, who will discuss Mathematica by examples; Bruno Autin, who will share insights on Geometrica; and Alain Carmasol from Universite de Lorraine, who will give a talk on Mathematica for engineers. Wolfram Research’s technical consultant Robert Cook will be available all three days, giving an overview on what’s new in Mathematica 11 and a talk on insight and prediction.

See you there!


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