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Special Event: Computational Thinking with Wolfram|Alpha

Last month marked the seventh anniversary of Wolfram|Alpha. Since its launch, Wolfram|Alpha has earned a reputation as an indispensable tool for learning math and many other topics. We have been continually adding new content and capabilities to Wolfram|Alpha, and now we want to show you how it can be used to support computational thinking in any classroom.

We invite you to join us at a special virtual event, Wolfram|Alpha in Your Classroom: Virtual Workshop for Educators, on June 15, 2016, 2–3pm US EDT (6–7pm GMT). Come see examples of how Wolfram|Alpha’s built-in data and analysis capabilities can be used to enrich many types of classes, and take the opportunity to preview upcoming tools from Wolfram that will make teaching and learning easier.

Special event: Wolfram|Alpha in Your Classroom: Virtual Workshop for Educators

During the workshop, we will explore Wolfram Problem Generator. Problem Generator has the ability to generate unlimited practice problems for topics ranging from arithmetic to calculus. You can instantly create individual problems or entire problem sets, complete with answers. And if you are stuck trying to solve a given problem, detailed step-by-step solutions are available. While Problem Generator has been around for a while, it is currently only available to Wolfram|Alpha Pro subscribers. Soon, however, this will change, and you’ll be able to practice for free.

Another big upcoming change is a brand-new set of tools called Web Apps. Web Apps help you perform complex queries and calculations in all kinds of subjects, making it easy to solve difficult integrals, systems of equations, and lots of other problems. Web Apps aren’t just limited to math and science, though—there are also Web Apps to help with everyday topics, like finding out how many calories you ate at lunch, how long you should stay out in the sun, or what all the anagrams of the word “smile” are.

In addition to these new tools, we will be providing example lesson materials that highlight some of the exciting possibilities for using Wolfram|Alpha in the classroom. These materials draw upon Wolfram|Alpha’s massive collection of built-in data, as well as the ability to upload your own datasets. And instead of coding tedious algorithms, we will analyze the data instantly using both Wolfram|Alpha’s automatic data analysis capabilities and natural language queries.

To see these new features and learn more about using Wolfram|Alpha in your classroom, please register here to join us at the virtual event—again, it’s on June 15, 2016, 2–3pm US EDT (6–7pm GMT). All are welcome, and no programming experience is necessary! This event is part of a series of workshops for educators, which cover topics like how to use Wolfram Programming Lab and teaching computational thinking principles. Recordings of previous events are also available.


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