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European Wolfram Technology Conference Draws Near!

Frankfurt cityscape-european wolfram tech conf 2-3 june

Come and join us in Frankfurt for the third European Wolfram Technology Conference, Wolfram Research Europe’s action-packed annual showpiece event.

Set for 2–3 June in Germany’s financial capital, the conference is where our latest releases will be showcased. You can also hear from our team of experts, as well as enjoy the opportunity to connect with Wolfram technology users from all over the world. And there’s still time to register for this event at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Frankfurt!

Throughout the conference, key developers will help you to understand how to master your data with computation and share their insights into how Wolfram’s technology can work for you.

As well as talks and tutorials from our own experts, a carefully selected group of Wolfram enthusiasts—both academic and commercial—will take the floor to share their Wolfram-inspired stories with you, covering topics such as data science, engineering, and education. See the full list of sessions here.

We’re aiming at all levels: individuals from beginners to students to professional experts. Whether you’re working for yourself, a startup, or a multinational, you’ll get plenty out of it. And if you can’t make it, why not send along a colleague who needs to learn more about Wolfram technologies?

June 2 is not far away, so register now!

European Wolfram Technology Conference 2014


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