Wolfram Computation Meets Knowledge

Mathematica Summer Camp 2014 Comes to a Close

Thirty students from six different countries came together to explore their passion for programming and mathematics for two weeks in July, and the result was extraordinary! Each and every one of these students created a significant Wolfram Language project during the camp. Their projects and interests ranged from physics and mathematics to automotive engines to poker and blackjack.

MSC 2014 group photo

Throughout the two weeks, students learned the Wolfram Language from a variety of faculty and guest speakers. They had the opportunity to hear Stephen Wolfram speak about the company, the Wolfram Cloud, and all of the other exciting products to come in the near future. Students also heard from guest speakers such as Vitaliy Kaurov and Christopher Wolfram, who showed off other aspects of the Wolfram Language.

Stephen Wolfram with a student

Although students spent a vast amount of time hard at work on their projects, they also had many laughs throughout the program. They participated in group activities such as the human knot, the Spikey photo scavenger hunt, and the toothpick and gumball building contest, as well as weekend field trips to the Boston Museum of Science and laser tag.

Students enjoying themselves

Every year, I am thoroughly impressed by the projects students complete within two short weeks; of course this wouldn’t be possible without our talented faculty and awesome students!

Awesome students

Let’s check out some projects from this year:

Single- and Multibank Engines Using Four-Stroke Cycle, by Alec Nelson

Download CDF

Law of Moments for Lever with Two Weights, by Mariam Martirosyan
Download CDF

And here are some more to check out on the Wolfram Demonstrations Project:

You can check out all of the projects created at Mathematica Summer Camp. To find out more information about Mathematica Summer Camp 2015, check out our website.


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