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Mathematica’s Role in Powering Energy Saving Solutions

Using Mathematica and other Wolfram technologies, Joseph Hirl, founder of Agilis Energy, has developed a new approach to energy analytics that is helping building owners and energy equipment suppliers around the world cut energy consumption and costs.

At the core of the company’s success is its Mathematica-based dynamic energy analysis application, which gives the full picture of a building’s performance, measures the impact of potential operational changes, and quantifies the results. About Mathematica‘s role in the development of the tool and the Agilis business, Hirl says, “The flexibility of Mathematica is tremendous. Our ability to build and develop this program with a lean staff has allowed us to build out a substantial business.”

The application, which has now been used at more than 800 sites in at least 12 different industries, begins with data streams, including high-interval smart meter data as well as Mathematica‘s built-in WeatherData. It then applies sophisticated statistics and dynamic visualization functionality to generate what Hirl calls an “MRI of a building,” a dynamic interface with a simulation of the building’s energy use and demand and forecasting and benchmarking tools.

Hirl gives an overview of the Mathematica-based application in this video.

Hirl says the ability to deploy the energy analysis application in various ways, including as CDF, has allowed the company to expand its client base at a rapid rate. Recently, Agilis announced an exclusive North American agreement with Trane, a major HVAC company owned by Ingersoll Rand, to provide building energy diagnostics. The application will be used to engage new customers with more insight and assist with retro-commissionings. Engineers will be now able to more quickly develop plans of action to reduce a customer’s energy consumption at the least cost.

For a more in-depth demonstration of the Agilis application, check out Hirl’s Wolfram Technology Conference presentation.


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