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Wolfram Innovator Awards 2012

Stephen Wolfram presented the second annual Wolfram Innovator Awards at the 2012 Wolfram Technology Conference to honor individuals who have made significant contributions to their industry or field of science. Nominated by Wolfram employees and selected by a panel of Wolfram technology experts, this year’s winners are:

  • Craig W. Carter, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at MIT
  • Robert B. Nachbar, Mathematician, Chemist, and Biologist at Merck Research Laboratories
  • Thomas Roux, Financial Risk Manager at BRED Banque Populaire
  • Rubén Berrocal and Marisa Talavera, National Secretary for Science and Technology and Director of Innovation in Learning (respectively), Panama Government
  • Richard Anderson, Computer Scientist
  • Fred Szabo, Mathematics and Statistics Professor, Concordia University

These leaders have applied Wolfram technologies in innovative ways, from prototyping new battery technology to modernizing countrywide educational curricula. To read their full stories, check out our Wolfram Innovator Awards web page.


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