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The computerbasedmath.org community has been growing steadily since the project first started in 2010. Several thousand of you have signed up to show your support, share your ideas, and help spread the word. The Computer-Based Math™ Education Summit has been a great tool for bringing the community together, but we wanted a central hub where the community can gather more than just once a year. So we’ve launched the The Computer-Based Math Education Forum.

math ≠ calculating (it's a much bigger subject)

Whatever your background, join the conversation and share your experiences.

  • Teachers: Share your ideas for CBM-based lessons and curriculum.
  • Students: Jump into the conversation and give frank feedback about your experiences with CBM.
  • Employers: Discuss what skills you need for your business. Tell teachers and students what you’re looking for when you recruit.
  • Government officials: Let’s start working together to make a plan for radically reforming math education.

Join the conversation that is shaping math education 10 years ahead.


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