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Enter the Mathematica Experts Live: One-Liner Competition 2012

At the last two annual Wolfram Technology Conferences, attendees have enjoyed amazing, and being amazed by, each other in the One-Liner Competition, which challenges participants to show us the most astounding things they can do with 140 characters or less of Mathematica code. And each time we have been surprised, inspired, and gratified by their creativity.


Now we’ve opened up the competition to you, and Mathematica users from around the world are sending us their submissions. In a Mathematica Experts Live broadcast on August 21, we’ll reveal the winner and runners-up of the competition, show you what they did, and explain how they did it. You’ll see applications you probably never thought possible, learn new Mathematica tricks and techniques, and have your socks blown off by elegant programming wizardry.

Do you have one-liner code to amaze us with? You have a few more days to participate; the deadline for submissions has been extended to Wednesday, August 15.

Join us on Tuesday, August 21 from 11am to noon Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) for the live event.

Virtual seats are limited–see the event schedule and register today!


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