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Mathematica Experts Live: Dynamic Interfaces Q&A 2012

It’s back! The only event in which Mathematica experts are live on camera to answer your questions: Mathematica Experts Live.

Mathematica Experts Live: Dynamic Interfaces Q&A 2012

The first Mathematica Experts Live virtual event was such a popular success that we’re doing it again. Thank you for your feedback and suggestions. Many of you asked for help with dynamic interfaces, so this time Mathematica experts will answer questions about interactivity. We’ll be ready to answer questions similar to:

  • How do you add a constraint to a Dynamic?
  • My Dynamic is slow. How can I make it faster?
  • What is the difference between Module and DynamicModule?
  • How do you change the visual appearance of a button?
  • How can I make custom controls?

Although the format is the same as before, this event will be 30 minutes longer. Our host will accept questions in real time and pass them to three of our user interface experts. You can also submit your question when you register for the event.

The virtual event will be held Tuesday, July 24, from 11am to 12:30pm Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Virtual seats are limited—see the event schedule and register today!


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