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An Educator’s Story: Creating Immersive Teaching Environments with Mathematica

Paul Abbott, a faculty member in the School of Physics at The University of Western Australia, wants to teach his students a tool that they can use to tackle real-world problems—not only in his physics and mathematics courses, but throughout their studies and into their professional careers. For him, Mathematica is that tool.

Abbott uses Mathematica to build all of his courseware, from lecture slide shows and assignments to quizzes and exams. His students use Mathematica to visualize surfaces, explore concepts using interactive examples, hypothesize results, and check their work. He says Mathematica is an “immersive environment” that helps his students reach a higher level of understanding.

In this video, Abbott shares some examples of his Mathematica-based courseware and explains why he believes Mathematica can transform education.

You can find more on Abbott’s work, and stories from other faculty who are teaching with Mathematica, on our Customer Stories pages.

If you are currently teaching with Mathematica, or are interested in doing so, the Wolfram Faculty Program offers exclusive benefits designed to support you. This program gives you access to an ever-growing collection of educational resources, helps you connect with thousands of other educators who use Mathematica, and much, much more.


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  1. Paul Abbott was my teacher. Great guy, I truly admire him. His knowledge of the subject is very impressive. Good luck prof. Abbott!

  2. I miss Paul on mathgroup…..he always gave some of the Best Answers…his students are very lucky indeed….