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Give Your Classroom an Edge with Mathematica

Thousands of universities around the world take advantage of Mathematica‘s revolutionary developments for engineering, science, economics, mathematics, and more, for a vast number of courses across campus.

One of those schools is Truman State University.

Dana Vazzana, an associate professor of mathematics at Truman, integrates Mathematica into every course she teaches. She says using Mathematica with her students creates a dynamic classroom where students gain deeper understanding of concepts and richer insights into real-world applications of mathematics. “Anything that gets them that involved and that excited and makes them want to go and work some more has just got to be a good thing,” explains Professor Vazzana.

Recently, we got a chance to watch Professor Vazzana put Mathematica into action with her students. In this video, she describes the advantages of teaching with Mathematica and some of her students share how it gives them an edge in their studies.

A wide variety of resources are available to help you incorporate Mathematica into your curriculum, including the Wolfram Faculty Program. If you are currently teaching with Mathematica, or interested in doing so, this program offers exclusive benefits designed to support you.

You can find more on Professor Vazzana’s work and stories from other faculty who are teaching with Mathematica in our Portraits of Success. If you use Mathematica in your classes, be sure to join the Faculty Program and let us know how it has benefited you and your students. We’d love to hear your story!


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