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Boost Productivity: Leverage the Power and Flexibility of Workbench 2

It happens to everyone---you spend forever digging around in your filesystem for the dataset you need to finish your work. But you can't remember the name or enough about the contents to be able to search for it. Searching is wasted time, time that would be far better spent on productive tasks. What users like myself really need is for our tools to reflect the way we actually work, and that's where project-based workflows in tools like
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Get Ready for March Madness 2010 with Mathematica

For every college basketball fan, there come points in your life when you have to make some decisions, tough decisions. Who will be in your Final Four this year? Will the number-one seeds ride the bracket to the Final Four? Who's the 5–12 seed upset? How will the Big Ten fare? We're heading for the tipoff of what I feel is the greatest sports weekend in the United States. While gearing up for a lot of game watching, I found a great blog post from last March by Jeff Todd, one of our Commercial Sales Account Managers, called "March Madness in Mathematica." In it he explained how he created an interactive NCAA Men's Basketball bracket in Mathematica.
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Hurrah for 3.14159265358979… Day!

This March 14 marks the 22nd annual Pi Day. You can learn a lot about pi on MathWorld, Wolfram|Alpha, The Wolfram Functions Site, and the Wolfram Demonstrations Project. And since pi is a built-in Mathematica symbol, you can find more information in the Mathematica Documentation Center. I remember my first Pi Day celebration---in the fourth grade. My teacher, Mr. Thompson, had our entire class cut construction paper strips and write numbers on each piece of paper. The end result was Northview Elementary School's largest paper chain, with over 300 of the constant's numerals.