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Date Archive: 2009 November

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Integrating Wolfram|Alpha with Mathematica

Over the last few weeks, we've shared with you highlights from Stephen Wolfram's keynote at the International Mathematica User Conference 2009. These highlights included a look at what's in the research and development pipeline for Mathematica and future directions of Wolfram|Alpha. In this final video of our series, Stephen shares how the developments of Wolfram|Alpha will be integrated with Mathematica. (For more of Stephen's keynote, please see parts 1, 2, and 3 of the series.)
Announcements & Events

Future Directions of Wolfram|Alpha

Stephen Wolfram highlighted several future directions of Wolfram technologies during his keynote address at the International Mathematica User Conference 2009. Among them were new developments surrounding Wolfram|Alpha. In the following video, Stephen outlines some of the directions in the works for Wolfram|Alpha and gives a sneak peek at one soon-to-be-released service. (To hear more of Stephen's keynote, please see part 1 and part 2 of this series.)
Education & Academic

Mathematica and Natural Resources Research

Yu-Feng Lin, a hydrogeologist at the Illinois State Water Survey, is on a mission to tackle a top national research priority using Mathematica. In this video, Lin details why this project could only be done in Mathematica. Because of the importance of groundwater recharge and discharge in the hydrological cycle, the U.S. National Research Council (NRC) deems research on them to be of critical priority. However, their rates and patterns are so complex that it takes years of study to estimate them.
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The R&D Pipeline for Mathematica

Stephen Wolfram kicked off the International Mathematica User Conference 2009 with an inside look at what he calls an incredible research and development pipeline for Mathematica. During last year's keynote address, Stephen surprised attendees with news about the release of Mathematica 7---just 18 months after Mathematica 6. This year, he said our development pace has become even faster. The following video clip includes a few examples of what our R&D team has in the pipeline for future versions of Mathematica. (You can see the first part in our series of highlights from Stephen's keynote here.)
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A Remarkable Year Ahead for Mathematica

Future Mathematica features, new directions for Wolfram|Alpha, and how the two Wolfram technologies will be integrated were highlights of Stephen Wolfram's keynote address at the International Mathematica User Conference 2009. Stephen says Wolfram Research will follow up an extremely successful 2009 with a remarkable "breakout year for our company" and the Mathematica community. Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing video highlights and transcript excerpts with you from Stephen's conference keynote. In the first part of this series, Stephen shares the history and trajectory of Mathematica, including some insight on what he calls the "most dramatic" development for him.
Education & Academic

Mathematica Manages Financial Risk

Finance professionals have been using Mathematica for years to optimize portfolios, develop and refine analytic risk models, rapidly prototype products and trading strategies, deploy analysis tools over the web, and much more. Not surprisingly, we've seen increased interest in Mathematica's financial applications stemming from the current economic struggles. Accurate models and analyses are in demand to determine the best way to get the world's economy back on track and prevent future crises.