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First Day of the International Mathematica User Conference 2009

This year’s International Mathematica User Conference is off to a great start! The day opened with a combined talk by Wolfram Research‘s Roger Germundsson and Tom Wickham-Jones discussing Mathematica‘s current and future features and its development and deployment tools.

Along with many Wolfram Research developers, Mathematica users from all over the world have been speaking on the myriad ways they explore those same features and technologies in their projects. With so many interesting topics, choosing which talks to attend can be difficult.

Stephen Wolfram Keynote at the International Mathematica User Conference 2009

The afternoon started with Stephen Wolfram‘s keynote speech. The talk covered a timeline of growth for Mathematica, Wolfram Research, and Wolfram|Alpha. The recent Wolfram|Alpha API and iPhone application were discussed, as well as items like the Wolfram|Alpha corporate and professional versions that we can look forward to using in the future.

A packed house for the keynote speech

Attendees represent everyone from new users to longtime enthusiasts. We’re excited to see all of you and are looking forward to the rest of the conference.


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